Company Overview

It’s said that Tough trails often lead to elegant destinations, and ours is not any different.Every journey and its story is perpetually like a book & we add pages to it as we gather pace & wisdom. If our company is an open book, then its preamble was written in 1980 with the blessing of none other than His Highness Sheikh Rashid Al Maktoum.

Known for his vision, devised a plan with his old friend the late Sultan Al Owais to make the remarkably pure water accessible to his subjects. Within the picturesque natural springs of Jeema Wadi, he chose to develop a natural mineral water plant, and thus, our journey began. With the expertise and experience of Evian & Katadyn of France, more suitable natural mineral water springs were discovered and production commenced in 1980.

Decades passed since & the World changed. Industries, Industrialists, People, Policies & Polities changed all over this beautiful blue pebble that we call Earth. But we had have stayed true to the rubric under which we were envisioned – committed to ensuring pure natural water accessible to every man, woman, and child. Thanks to a series of assorted evolutionary changes in the industry that have made bottling material more environmentally friendly, the process become more and more eco-innovative, and most recently, the new packing and advertising designs elevated us to a brand with an internationally competitive calibre

While that being said, what about our future? Where do we see ourselves in it?
Well, the future is always fluid, vibe, and vibrant. Just like the water inside every bottle that bears the logo of Emirates Refreshment. And we see ourselves right in the middle of a promising future, actively and positively engaged with the country and compatriots whom we love & revere just like the pure & fresh natural water that you can find at Jeema Wadi.