Relishing the Cradle of Life

Water is the lingua franca that transects every single line drawn on any map anywhere. It’s one of the finest malleable elementals that as a species we are bestowed with, yet, the one in its absence and abundance always has a profound impact on life as we know it. Our journey started way back in the ’80s, an era that’s celebrated for a myriad of legendary things such as Star Wars, ET, the Steven Spilbergisim, Big fashion, Break-dance, Mix-tapes & the Walkman. While the free World was basking on that oasis, we found ours, a natural mineral water realm at the majestic Hatta Mountain range that’s blessed with an abundance of aquifers – the special precinct where we had started our first bottling plant. Our journey stemmed from water with humble roots. The blessing of the almighty & our proud and fair business practices made us thrive, grow and branch out into what we are today.
Our patrons, our staff, our well-wishers, and our accomplishments – albeit there are plenty of things to look back and to be proud of, there is one thing in particular that makes us stand a part apart.
And that’s the realization that whenever we ruminate the past, we do find a lot of footprints on the trails that we had traveled. We are one among the very few that could avow aloud that all of those footprints are profound but carbon inert. It indeed is a rejuvenating sensation to know that we are playing our part by standing apart and making our country and the planet future-ready for our kids to bask in its grandeur.

We always stand for the synergy between us and the environment & this is how we at the Emirates Refreshments like to roll our dice always.